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"…Brick Roll is still an excellent platformer and a prime example of how to provide a full, enjoyable experience with streamlined controls designed for the platform."

“The game is easy enough to play at its core, but to master? That takes time and skill. Yet it’s so rewarding…”

“In fact, with its challenge level and its achievements based on completion time and uncovered secrets, Brick Roll might take you an age to complete at 100 percent.”

“The gameplay is simple, but it definitely gets more difficult as you progress, making this a game that will keep you busy for quite some time.”

Are you fast enough? Do you have the skills required? Time ticks. Bad guys watch you.
It's going to be HARD! You can either TURN direction or LIFT yourself to upper places, while rolling around platforms.

- Collect all the pellets on each level and go back to the door.
- 4 Worlds with 6 levels each plus a World Boss fight and... hidden secret levels!
- Avoid your enemies or blast them.
- Get the Power Pellet for a short invincibility period.
- Earn awards for being faster, beating baddies or finding secrets.
- Keep collecting Green Gems, they might be important!
- Compete against your friends on Game Center for the best time on each level.
- Earn all the Game Center Achievements for maximum fun

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